Starr Automotive

We Do Same Day Service!

A family owned and operated automotive repair shop in South Minneapolis. "Honest repair at a fair price" is offered by the people at Starr Automotive. It is their extra friendly service that STARR AUTOMOTIVE provides along with their prices that have given them a reputation well thought of by people from this community.

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Jerris H.

Starr Auto is Respectful, Honest, Friendly

I decided that I was finding a superior auto shop in my neighborhood. I don't know what brought me to Starr Auto, but from the first time I walked in and told Jerry about these two ridiculous $1700 and $1600 repairs that I actually agreed to form one of the chain stores for an old Mercury Sable, I knew he was the real deal. Jerry is realistic and doesn't fix anything if it isn't broke! When 3 of my neighborhood families heard me rave about the service at Starr, they started to bring all their cars as well. What I like most about Jerry is that when I ask questions about why a certain repair is needed, he will explain it in terms that a non-mechanic can understand! He referred my daughter for tires to a discount place that he trusts and recently sent me to another neighborhood business that does alignments. (That place was great too.) Can't say enough about the Starr Auto group

Diane Brust

My Daughter took her SUV into Tires Plus to get an oil change before she and the Grandkids left for vacation, she was told by Tires Plus that her ball joints were ready to break and that she needed over $2,000 in work done and it would be very unsafe to drive the vehicle. We called Starr Automotive and spoke to Jerry he had us bring down the vehicle and he inspected it for us, he told us the vehicle was safe to drive and not to put that kind of money into it, it seems the ball joints might be a bit worn but it did not need work at that time. I cannot thank Jerry and his staff enough, they are honest and dependable and are a family business. I know where I will be bringing my cars in the future for all of our Car needs. Thanks, Jerry you save my Daughter lots of $$$ that Tires Plus would have taken from her, also this was a few months back and still no problem with the SUV since. Thanks Again.

Finnane B.

I love this place!

I took my car in a few days ago to a chain auto repair place, due to some noise in the breaks. I was told I needed $1,600 worth of work (which my car is not even worth). I heard about Starr Auto from a friend, and then read the reviews, and decided to take it there for a second opinion. The only thing wrong with my car... a little rust build up. They are such honest people. And if your car is a total piece like mine, they'll tell you if it's even worth fixing, or they will find you used parts to keep the cost down. I will continue to bring my car here



Jerry Starr a man with big ideas opened his first automotive repair shop at the young age of 21 years old. In the first 2 years, Starr Automotive was located at 42nd Ave and East Lake Street. For the 3rd and 4th years Starr Automotive was located in South East Minneapolis until another location on Lake Street was made available.

In June of 1986, Jerry bought Lake Street Mobile. Which was a full-service gas station at that time. After 4 years of being Lake Street Mobil, Jerry changed the name back to Starr Automotive to focus primarily on his mission, offering: An honest repair at a fair price. Starr Automotive has also taken pride in educating their customers.

Jerry prides himself on being part of this community for 25 years and taking care of our 3rd generation of families.

Starr Automotive is a family-owned business. On most days you can see Michelle (Jerry's Wife) and Zack (Jerry and Michelle's son) providing excellent customer service, answering phone calls, and answering questions.

Along with Jerry and Michelle, we have 3 full time dedicated employees, our ASE Master Technician Shawn Junjak, who has been with since 1994. Duff Baxter, our Heavy Line Mechanic has been with us since 1994. Zack Starr,  our Automotive Technician he has been with us since 2014. All of the employees at Starr Automotive were born and raised in South Minneapolis and still reside there today.